Fluid Explorer installation

The following instructions are common for all Windows platforms higher Windows 7.

System Requirements

In order to run the FluidExplorer plugin, please insure that your system supports the following requirements:

  • Software: Autodesk Maya version 2014 or higher
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or higher
  • Graphics Hardware:
    • CUDA-enabled graphics hardware
    • OpenGL driver support

Step 1: Download

Download the Fluid Explorer App archive (FluidExplorerPlugin.rar) from this GitHub page and extract it. Please don't use the source code because it does not contain the standalone exploration tool.

Step 2: Set up folder structure

Copy the entire project folder (FluidExplorerPlugin) of the Fluid Explorer app into the scripts subdirectory of the module's root directory. The location of the scripts directory is assigned to the MAYA_APP_DIR environment variable.

The default value for the MAYA_APP_DIR variable is:

  • Windows (>= Windows Vista): \Users\Documents\maya\

After copying the project files into the scripts subdirectory, the directory structure should look like this:

  • | -- MAYA_APP_DIR
  • || -- «version»
  • || -- scripts
  • || -- FluidExplorerPlugin
  • || -- FluidMain.py
  • || -- Install_FluidExplorerPlugin.py.py
  • || -- ...

The FluidExplorerPlugin directory contains the source files of the plugin. The FluidMain.py file calls the plugin within the Maya application and the Install_FluidExplorerPlugin.py file creates the Fluid Explorer shelf tab within the Maya toolbar.

Step 3: Run the plugin

In order to run the plugin, open the build-in Maya Script Editor and execute the installation file. The installation file is named Install_FluidExplorerPlugin.py and is located in the root directory of the project.

To open the Script Editor

  • In main menu bar: Windows > General Editors > Script Editor
  • In scene view: Panels > Panel > Script Editor
  • By hitting/clicking script Editor at the bottom right corner of Maya.

Navigate to the Fluid Explorerproject folder, load/open the Install_FluidExplorerPlugin.py file and execute the file in the Script Editor. Hit the Execute All button script Editor in orer to run the installation file.

After successfully installing the application, a new shelf tab (FluidExplorer) appears in the toolbar. Hit the Fluid Explorer icon script Editor in order to start the Fluid Explorer application.

Please note that you have to re-run the plugin, after the Maya application has been closed.