Fluid Explorer is an Autodesk Maya plugin developed for visual effects design, based on a result-driven parameter space exploration.

Commonly, graphic artists employ physically-based simulations for the generation of visual effects such as fire, explosions, smoke or related phenomena. Animation software packages usually provide dynamic simulators in order to create such visual effects. However, the task of finding the correct parameters of the desired simulation is difficult and time-consuming, which often results in a cumbersome trial-and-error approach.

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Therefore, in order to overcome this issue, Fluid Explorer supports artists in finding the correct fluid parameters for a particular visual effect. Based on a three-dimensional scene description, parameter space sampling and spatial-temporal clustering techniques are applied in order to generate a concise overview of possible variations. A visualization system allows artists to explore the simulation space in a goal-oriented way. Visualization and rendering techniques are applied in order to provide instant visual feedback.

Here are some helpful starting points for Fluid Explorer

  • Installation: How to install Fluid Explorer.
  • Tutorial: How to generate a basic fire simulation using Fluid Explorer.